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Onion plants are quicker to produce than seeds or sets, with scallions ready for the table in 3-4 weeks, mature bulbs in 4 months. One bunch contains 50-75 plants, depending on plant size, and plants about a 20' row. Plants are field-grown, hardy and guaranteed to arrive safely. After arrival, plant immediately in loose well-drained soil. Onions should be fertilized a couple times during the summer as the small root system has a hard time taking up enough nutrients. It is also important to keep the weeds out of onions because they don't compete well for nutrients and water. Water onions an inch a week especially when they start to 'bulb up' in the late summer.

We begin shipping onion plants in mid March and do not ship plants after May 31st. If you order seeds along with plants, we will ship your seeds first and your plants as close to your target planting date as possible. We cannot ship onion plants to CA, AK, AZ, HI, ID, or WA.

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