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Generally considered cool season vegetables, they perform best when planted in early spring or fall. Most tolerate light to moderate frosts with minimal cover. Plant in rich soil in a sunny location. Direct seed, 1/4" deep, 1-2" apart and thin to 6-8" apart after second set of leaves emerge. For best germination, keep soil evenly moist. Sow every 2-3 weeks for a continuous supply. Harvest by pulling out entire plant, or by clipping individual leaves for cut and come again.

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Arugula Or Roquette
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 400 seeds 1 - $2.55
2 - $4.60
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Joi Choi Hybrid Pak Choi
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Close OptionsJoi Choi Hybrid Pak Choi

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 200 seeds 1 - $2.75
2 - $4.80
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Komatsuna Mustard Spinach
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 250 seeds 1 - $2.55
2 - $4.50
 1/2 Ounce $4.45 ea

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