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Green Bush

BeansGreen Bush

01090 - Top Crop Bush Bean
One of our personal favorites for freezing and fresh table use. Early and disease resistant. Plants are vigorous, 15-18" tall and set a heavy crop of medium green, 6-7" long pods that are round, straight, meaty, stringless and fiberless. For a continuous crop, plant every 5 days for the first 6 weeks of the garden season. Considered one of the best for canning, freezing and fresh table use as they hold their color, texture and flavor well.
Product Pricing
 2 ounces $2.65 ea
 1/2 Pound $8.95 ea
 Pound 1 - $14.95
4 - $44.95
Product Details
Height: 15" to 18"
Width: 12" to 15"
Spacing: 2"
Needs Pollinator: No
Planting Season: Spring
Maturity: 52
Needs Isolation: No
Seed Start Indoors: No
Seed Start Direct: Yes
Seeds Per Packet: 2 ounces


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