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Sweet Potatoes

Vegetable PlantsSweet Potatoes

04735 - Vardaman Sweet Potato
Ipomoea batatas

100 days. High yielding bush-type sweet potato. Beautiful purple plant that turns dark green as the growing season progresses. Use as a decorative border in your flower garden. The outside skin of the potato is a golden-yellow, and the inside flesh is a deep reddish-orange. "Baby Baker's" in 90 days.
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 12 Plants $14.95 ea
 25 Plants $21.95 ea
 50 Plants $32.95 ea
 100 Plants $44.95 ea
Product Details
Zone: 0
Height: 0"
Width: 0"
Spacing: 15"
State Restrictions: AK;AZ;CA;HI;ID
Planting Season: Spring
Foliage Color: Purple turning dark green
Edible Parts: Tuber
Size Shipped:
Needs Pollinator: No


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