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53890 - All New Square Foot Gardening Book

The book that describes the gardening system developed by Mel Bartholomew that allows gardening in raised beds. This system allows you to have a lush garden even if you have very little space to do it in. The book tells you the soil mix that is used to plant your garden along with the spacing of most vegetables. The 4' X 4' system is then deivided by a grid that gives you 16 square feet. It also includes the order you plant them in so if you have a vining vetetable such as cucumbers ot tomatoes, you train them on a trellis that can be attached to the garden. The accelerated system of growth also allos you to double or triple crop your square foot garden for fresh vegetables and greens all summer long. If you have never tried this method and you have limited space for gardening, why not try it. Some gardeners are now using multiple square foot gardens instead of or in addition to regular gardens. 2nd Edition.
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