Lazy Housewife Pole Bean

Lazy Housewife Pole Bean

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75-80 Days
2015 Bean of the Year. We've carried a variety called 'Lazy Housewife' in the past, but had to drop it due to variability in the seed. We have now located a source for the original round seeded strain and are excited to pass our findings on to you! This triple purpose pole bean can be used as a snap, shell or dry bean depending on when you harvest, and was one of the first to be completely stringless. For these reasons, it is well suited to the 'lazy' because there is little work or timing involved. Medium-green pods are 4-5" long with distinctive shiny white seeds.
2 ounce
1/2 pound
1 pound

Product Details

: 6
: Spring
: Well-drained, slightly alkaline
: Inoculant
: 1 -
: Pods

Physical Details

Height: 17
: Green
: Green
: 7 to 10
: 75 to 80
: 6
: Yes
: Determinate
: OpenPollinated

Scientific Details

: Phaseolus
: vulgaris
: Lazy Housewife

Shipping Details

: ID