As soon as the soil can be worked, plant thinly, 1/2" deep, in rows 12" apart. Allow 2 weeks for germination. Thin to 4" apart. Does best in cool weather. Sow again in late summer or early fall for fall harvest. A packet contains 350 seeds unless otherwise stated. One oz. contains about 2,200 seeds.
  • $3.45–$7.75
    45 Days Thick, glossy, dark green, savoyed leaves with excellent flavor. Good for spring sowing, or may be planted...
  • $3.75
    45 Day. Many harvests off one planting. Because this is a bolt tolerant variety, the large, smooth, medium-green,...
  • $3.95–$12.95
    A spinach you can sink your teeth into! The plump leaves of this highly adaptable variety are smooth and rounded,...
  • $3.95–$7.95
    40 Days This variety has the longest harvest period of any spinach. It grows quickly from baby leaf stage to large...