Garden Vegetable Plants

Garden Plants - These healthy, sturdy, 6-8" plants are grown in 2 1/4" pots, in our special potting mix, and are ready to be planted directly into the garden after hardening off. Plants, one per pot, will be shipped as soon as weather allows starting in April.
We cannot ship plants to: AK, CA, HI.

  • $3.75–$8.50
    74 Days Old Amish heirloom dating back to the early 1900's. Ranks as one of the best-tasting paste tomatoes....
  • $5.75–$12.95
    73 Days 1994 AAS Winner. Early and heavy yields of colossal-sized tomatoes with old-time flavor. Vigorous...
  • $6.75–$12.95
    73 Days One of the largest bell peppers available. Blocky, elongated bell, 6-7" long and 4" wide with 3-4 lobes and...
  • $6.05–$8.50
    57 Days Earliest tomato for slicing and it's hard to find a better flavor. Fruits are 4-6 ounces, slightly...
  • $6.25–$12.95
    61 Days Formerly Fat N' Sassy. Extra early and extra huge! Perfect pepper for short season areas. Bragging size,...
  • $5.55–$8.50
    (VFFA ToMV) Cherry. 62 Days A newer, sweeter version of Sungold! Golden fruits are filled with Vitamin A and...
  • $5.05–$8.50
    60 Days The tomato that seems to supply an endless quantity of 1 inch size sugary sweet tomatoes that are great in...