In the spring peas can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked. Plant two or three times at one-week intervals. Plant again in the late summer for a fall pea crop. For best results, use wide row planting or plant in double rows 3" apart. Before sowing, inoculate the seeds with 'Nature's Aid' Inoculant. Sow seeds 2" apart and cover with 1-2" of fine soil. The double rows should be spaced in pairs about 2-1/2' apart. 750 seeds will plant about 15' using wide row planting or 25' of double row. Support with our Trellis Netting.

Wide row planting: Determine the width - usually from 14-18" - and the length of the row desired and prepare the soil, raking smooth to level the bed. Broadcast the seed over the entire area, sowing seed 2" apart. Cover with 1-2" of soil and pat firmly for good soil-seed contact. Water lightly. The advantages of wide row planting: the dense planting retains more moisture and reduces weeds, and gives a higher yield while using garden space more efficiently.

Shipment of beans, peas, cowpeas, soybeans and any other legumes to the state of Idaho are to home gardeners only for personal use and cannot be resold for planting outside the original home garden.

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