• $4.25
    45-60 Days This popular variety out of Italy is sometimes referred to as 'Dinosaur Kale' because of its unique leaf...
  • $5.35
    55-60 day 2016 AAS National Winner! The tightly ruffled leaves are borne on nearly stemless stalks, making the...
  • $2.25
    55 Days After seeing this kale in trials in Europe, this is one variety that can add spectacular color to any...
  • $6.25
    40-60 Day. Kale Mix. All the health benefits of kale plus the beauty of lush, colorful foliage. Stunning in a...
Sow in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked or in mid-summer. Plant seed 1/4" deep, 4" apart in rows 1-1/2' apart, or in wide-row beds or circular islands. Allow 1-2 weeks for germination. Thin to 1-2' apart. Kale is very hardy. Withstands frosts well, which serves to enhance its flavor. A packet sows a 30' row.