Onion Plants

Plants are quicker to produce than seeds or sets, with scallions ready for the table in 3-4 weeks, mature bulbs in 4 months. Depending on plant size, one bunch contains 50-75 plants and is enough to plant a 20' row. Plants are field grown, harvested fresh, and bundled with care to arrive safely. Plant out onions immediately upon arrival in spring as soon as the soil can be worked in loose, well-drained soil. Onions are a cool season crop and able to withstand frosts of early spring. Onions will benefit from consistent feedings a few times during the season. For the best results, maintain a weed-free onion patch. Water them with at least 1" per week especially when bulb formation starts in the late summer. Long day onions do best in northern regions, whereas short day onions are better suited for the south. Onion plants cannot be shipped to: AK, HI, ID, TX, WA.