Tomato Culture:
Sow in flats 6-8 weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. Soil temperature should be 75-85°F. Plant seed 1/4" deep, allowing 8-11 days for germination. When plants are 1-1/2" high, transplant into Jiffy Pots. Transplant outdoors 3-4' apart only when night time temperature stays above 50°F. Maturity dates are from the time of transplanting into the garden.

Determinate or bush tomato plants produce many short branches and grow only moderately after the fruits have formed. These compact plants have a concentrated fruit set and often do not require staking, unless desired to lift tomatoes off wet ground.

Indeterminate or climbing tomato plants are larger with more widely spaced branches which continue to vine after fruit has formed. Consequently, tomatoes ripen and can be harvested over a longer period of time. These plants should be both staked and pruned.

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