Junebearing- Strawberries should have the blossoms removed the first year, and will then bear one large crop each season thereafter. Most reliable in zone 6 and colder, producing for 3 to 6 years with optimal care.

Everbearing- Strawberries will perform similarly to Junebearing types in colder climates, with one big crop per year, but can fruit the first year. In zone 7 and warmer Everbearing types will produce crops reliably mid-season to late summer. Everbearing plants should be replaced every other year in cold zones. Continually remove runners to encourage larger crowns, higher yields and larger berries. Our strawberries will arrive as dormant, bare root plants and are guaranteed healthy, disease-free, and dependable. Space plants 10-20" apart in rows 30" apart. Make sure the crown is at soil level and does not get buried. Thoroughly water plants until they are established.