Rover Hybrid Radish **Subbing Gloriette Hybrid

Rover Hybrid Radish **Subbing Gloriette Hybrid

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A hybrid radish that can be grown any time of the year. Most radishes should be grown in the cooler part of the season, but this one does well even in the heat of the summer. The crisp juicy round shaped radishes have a refreshing flavor with a slight nip. A great radish.
3/15/16 The Rover Hybrid Radish is no longer avilable. We will be substituting Gloriette Hybrid. The Gloriette Hybrid is a 25-30 day radish with bright red uniform size, snow-white crisp flesh and excellent mild flavor.
250 seeds

Product Details

: 42
: Spring
: 0.25
: Loose, well-drained
: 1 -
: Root

Physical Details

: Green
: Red
: 4 to 10
: 28
: 3 to 4
: Yes
: Determinate
: OpenPollinated

Resistance Details

: Radish

Scientific Details

: Radish
: Raphanus
: sativus
: Rover