Compact Plant Trainer

Compact Plant Trainer

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A system for germinating seeds or rooting cuttings with better results. The kit contains a planting tray that has the capacity for 49 seedlings or cuttings. It rests in a waterproof tray that can be used to water the soil from below which helps prevent diseases. The clear high dome lid keeps humidity high until the seeds germinate or cuttings root. Simply fill the tray with a sterile medium such as Jiffy Mix, moisten the mix and start your seeds or cuttings. The lid can be placed at a 90 degree angle to allow excess moisture to escape. When plants are ready to be removed from the tray, the base can be reversed and used to pop them out without damaging the root system. Manufactured with Swedish precision and quality. Sturdy enough to put in the dishwasher and then use again.
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